Evisa…what is it and how can I get one?

e-visaWhen traveling to different countries it is important to note that some still require visas to enter.  There are different types of visas.  Some countries offer and ETA (electronic visa), stamped visa, Evisa or visa upon arrival. There are some countries that offer an ETA which is a form of an Evisa as the only option to enter.  Some countries actually require a stamp to be put in your passport while others have gone with the option of getting the visa upon arrival or getting an Evisa.  Other countries don’t give you the visa upon arrival option and just require you to either get the Evisa or the stamp in your passport.

While getting a visa upon arrival is a viable option it often is one of the least desirable options by many of the airlines and the countries you visit.  The reason for that is because the visa upon arrival option requires you to wait in a line along with everyone else who just got off your flight not to mention any other flights that might have arrived at the same time.  On top of that there are hours where the visa upon arrival counter may be closed meaning you have to wait til they open to officially enter.  This is rare and usually only happens when there is a delay in the flights.  Still, when it happens it makes your trip that much longer. This is the number one benefit of getting the visa before you leave.  Once you have the visa you can usually just show the visa and go right on through.

Getting a stamp in your passport in most cases is a great option and is usually a way to get a longer term visa.  That said, you do have to turn in your passport in order to get the visa.  In most cases the turn around time to get the stamped visa is at least a week or two.  Meanwhile, the process of the Evisa is usually shorter and does not require you to turn in your passport.  Also the cost of the process is much less as there is no shipping to the consulates or shipping to a company to process it adding an extra sense of security.

So how does one get an Evisa?  Well firstly you’d have to see if the country you want to visit offers one.  India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Kenya and Tanzania are among the many countries that offer an Evisa to US citizens.  Australia, Turkey and New Zealand offer an ETA visa which is required and takes the place of a visa stamp for US citizens.   Call us to see if your desired country is Evisa eligible and to see what’s required or how we can assist. Check us out at www.passportsvisasandmore.co or call us at 888-336-0683.

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