China Business Visa

China has made important changes have been made since the pandemic. Any and all visas issued before the pandemic that were issued for 10 years or are still valid are not being recognized and are not valid for travel to China. You must turn in this visa with your new application for a new visa. China has made this very clear in their current processing. China is strictly by appointment now and the appointments are 3 weeks out requiring a completed application to make the appointment. PVM will make an appointment for you once we have a completed application and receive payment for the service.

China Business Visas

Passports Visas & More is a China Visa Service provider helping travelers obtain China visas.  Our China Visa Office is located in Downtown Orlando and in the Coral Gables area of Miami.  We can assist with your China visa application and offer expedited china visa services as well as standard China visa services.  Call us today for help on obtaining your China visa today.  

PVM China Visa Processing Fees:

4 – 5 Week processing $600.00

How Do I Proceed?

Follow the 4 listed steps listed below:

China Business Visa

STEP 1- Gather the required documents

A. Application form (Click here for Application)

Please use the link above to fill out the form. This application is a PVM form which we will use to complete the application form on your behalf. Unfortunately, the Chinese consulate requires that all sections of the application be filled which is why we proceed in this manner. Please do not leave any question blank including the flight information. Completing the application without specific and correct information will cause you to have to redo the application. Once you have this completed please email it to us at

B. Invitation letter from China (See Sample)

The invite must come from a company in mainland China. It must have the following details:

  • Name and passport number
  • Your purpose of entry
  • Dates of travel
  • Must be on company letterhead with a phone number and address
  • Company letter must be signed by someone in the company and must list their name and title.
  • Inviter must sign by his/her name
  • Letter must have a red seal

C. Drivers License

Clear copy of your valid driver’s license or a copy of your utility bill showing your full address.

D. Valid Passport

Your valid passport
(must be valid for 6 months and must be signed)

E. 1 Passport sized photo

Click here to see passport photo regulations

F. Clear copy of your most recent China visa. If your visa is in your old passport you must turn in your old passport. The reason is because the consulate insists on cancelling this visa so they can issue a new one.

G. Signed 28 Day Form (Click here to see the form)

H. Signed “Where Are You” form (Click here to see the form)

I. Detailed letter explaining the nature of any trip taken to Turkey. This applies if you have a entry or exit stamp from the country of Turkey you must write a letter explaining the nature of the trip in detail. If your passport has a stamp showing entry into Turkey the consulate will see it and if you do not include a letter the process will be held up. This is the responsibility of the applicant…PVM is not responsible for looking through your passport to verify whether or not you have an entry stamp into Turkey.

J. Credit card form for payment (Click here to see the form) PVM requires that you please be sure that you will go through with the process. Once PVM begins the process, our service is non-refundable.


The Chinese Consulate operates strictly on an appointment basis. We can only make an appointment for you once the application has been completed. However, if there are errors or the application gets rejected a new application must be done and a new appointment made. For this reason it is critical to be sure the first time around. Appointments at this time are currently running about 3 weeks from the date you finish the appointment.

The Chinese Consulate

The Chinese consulate has begun paying particular attention to your previous travels. As a result, they are paying particular attention to travelers who have made multiple trips to areas of the world that are in disorder or have a high level of unrest or terroristic activities. This especially includes areas in the Middle East. Above all, if you have been to certain areas, and they will be able to tell by the stamps in your passports, please keep this in mind.

Attention To Detail

All applicants require an appointment. We will make the appointment for you but know that the appointment is linked to a completed application. This application must be done correctly and there can be no deviation. In other words the details on your invite letter must match what you put on the application. If not, the application will be rejected and a new application must be made ALONG WITH A NEW APPOINTMENT. For this reason we ask that you do not finalize the application until you have the invitation. This is critical.

STEP 2- Sign your Application and email it to PVM at

Please be sure to sign your application and your passport. Your signature is required in 2 sections. The first page and the last page of the application require your signature. The 28 day form and where are you form also require your signature.  Furthermore, make sure your passport will be valid for more than 6 months and that you have enough “VISA” pages to support a visa for China. The visa for China is normally valid for 10 years. There are instances where 10 year visas are not given. Validity of the visa is at the discretion of the consulate. Period.

STEP 3- Turn in your documentation to our offices before the date of your appointment.

Once your application is completed and we verify the information we will make the appointment for you to come to our offices in Florida. Your documents will then have to be sent to DC for processing. You do not have to go to DC. We have an office in DC that will do the submission for you. Our Florida offices are located at:

PVM - Miami
2332 Galiano Street
2nd Floor
Coral Gables, FL 33134
We are located inside the Regus Executive Offices


PVM- Orlando
390 North Orange Avenue
23rd Floor
Orlando, FL 32801

We are by appointment only.

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