Rush Passport Services in Orlando and Miami

Expedited Passport Services in Orlando and Miami

Passports Visas & More is a private rush passport service with offices in Orlando and Miami. As a result of our services travelers have been able to get their passports fast. We help you avoid the headache due to the long lines you would find at the passport office or long drive down to Miami. Travelers have used us to obtain services such as passport renewals, lost passports, children’s passports and name changes.

Our offices offer face to face interaction with our customers. We offer a professional and detailed service where we discuss all options. As a result, our offices make the process easy. And we do it while keeping our prices below that of the competition. Please call us to make an appointment in our offices located in Orlando and Miami.

Get to your destination with PVM

Same Day Passport Services

While we can get a passport quickly we are not able to offer services for travel the same day. Unfortunately, no private company can do so. However, you may be able to so at a US passport office if you have time. Visit their website to secure an appointment. Same day service is not always possible. Firstly, you may not be able to get to them before they close. Secondly, you may not have enough documents to satisfy the State Department. Thirdly, the State Department may not be able to obtain an approval during office hours. In the event this happens, you will have to reschedule your trip.

Normal Passport Processing

Not traveling right away and interested in normal processing? The State Department does allow for you to process your passport as a non rush. Normal processing can take more than 6 weeks to complete. This process can be done at post offices or county clerks. Simply click here for a list of locations near you.

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