Second Passport

2nd U.S. Passport

Choose an office: Orlando or Miami

Step 1-Gather the following Documentation

A. APPLICATION FORM DS #82 -(Click here) 
Please click the link above to fill out the application form. Once completed please print. You will notice the printed application will have a bar code on page #5 that appears on the top left hand corner next to the traveler’s name. The State Department requires us to use this form as it allows for error detection and is easier to enter into their systems.

Please be sure to sign the DS #82 form before sending to us.

B. 1 Passport sized photo

Click here to see passport photo regulations

C. Most recent passport

D. Travel Itinerary

One of these:

  • Copy of airline tickets
  • Copy of itinerary or reservation
  • Letter on Company’s Letterhead (job or social institution)

Travel itineraries must show the need for a second passport either in the form of conflicting countries or travel to multiple destinations in a short period of time where a visa is needed. YOU MUST SHOW THIS PROOF. These are required even if the trips have been booked separately.

E. Letter of Authorization

Authorization Letter:  Provided to you once your order is placed. Once your order has been placed we will then call you regarding your order and provide you with the proper authorization letter that will allow us to process your documentation in the time frame you have requested.

F. 2nd Passport Appendix Form

Call office for additional information.

G. Government Fees:

The government fee for a passport renewal is $208.32. This can be paid by check or money order.   Your check must not be a starter check and must have your full name and address on it.  Checks that do not have addresses are rejected by the Department of State.


Step 2 – Book your appointment to drop off the documents.

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