How to do Normal Processing of a Passport in Miami

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The State Department offers routine service for passport processing. Routine service is a non rush method to obtain a passport. Normal processing of passport renewals can be mailed in without the need for ID verification. However, we do suggest verifying the requirements. First Time passport, Children’s passport, lost or stolen passport applicants do require an ID verification. As a result, they must be done at a post office or county clerks office. Here is a list of county clerk’s where you can go to begin your routine passport service:

City of West Miami

901 SW 62nd Avenue

West Miami, FL. 33144

City Clerk’s Office, Miami City Hall

3500 Pan American Drive

Miami, FL. 33133

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Miami has many other locations for passports. However, it is best to contact them to see their hours. Because post offices have varying times we recommend county clerk’s offices. Before you send your documents check to make sure you have the proper requirements. Processing will be delayed as a result of incorrect documentation. For that reason, we urge you to be sure of what you send before you send.  the State Department’s site for locations near you. Normal Processing usually takes 6 weeks or more.

Is Same Day Passport Processing An Option In Miami?

While we can get a passport quickly we are not able to offer services for travel the same day. Unfortunately, no private company can do so. However, we do recommend reaching out to the State Department to see if same day processing is an option for you. In the event you are not able to do so you will have to reschedule our trip. Consequently, we may be able to assist you.

Rush Processing in Miami

Normal processing not what you are looking for? Our expedited services can obtain a passport for you. Our services range from 2 day to 2 weeks. Whether you need a renewal or brand new passport, we can help expedite it for you. Visit our miami page for more details.

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