China Tourist Visa

China Tourist Visa

China has made important changes since reopening. The consulate operates solely by appointment. The only way to make an appointment is to have a completed application. The processing time is about 2 to 3 weeks once an appointment is made. The appointments are first come first serve and tend to go pretty quickly and at the present time are anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks out. PVM cannot give you a processing time or exact date if an appointment is not made. If you must know the processing time you must complete the application. If you have not begun to work on the application a significant amount of time is being lost. We cannot be more clear on this.

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Passports Visas & More is a China Visa Service provider helping travelers obtain China visas.  Our China Visa Office is located in Downtown Orlandoand in the Coral Gables area of Miami.  We can assist with your China visa application and offer expedited china visa services as well as standard China visa services.  Call us today for help on obtaining your China visa today. 

PVM China Visa Processing Fees:

Processing time is approximately 2-3 Weeks once appointment is made

Total cost including consulate fees and shipping is $450.00. Pricing includes Fedex Shipping to and from DC and the Embassy Fee.


Follow the 3 listed steps listed below:

China Tourist Visa

Step 1-Gather the following documents

Documents required for tourist visa to China 

A. Application form (Click here for Application)

Please use the link above to fill out the form. This application is a PVM form which we will use to complete the application form on your behalf. Unfortunately, the Chinese consulate requires that all sections of the application be filled which is why we proceed in this manner. Please do not leave any question blank including the flight information. Completing the application without specific and correct information will cause you to have to redo the application. Once you have this completed please email it to us at

B. Hotel Confirmation and Flight Itinerary or Invitation Letter if staying with Someone (See Sample)

A hotel confirmation and flight itinerary are required. The dates you enter on the application must match the hotel and flight itinerary. These must be printed out and must show your name, dates and confirmation information. PVM does charge an additional fee of $5.00 for any printing these in our office with a max of 10 pages.

If using an invite it must come from a person who has residency in mainland China. They can either be a Chinese national or a resident. It is the responsibility of the traveler to secure a proper invite. The invite must have the information listed below on it. Any deviation from these requirements will require a new invite and if the invite is different from what is on your application a new invite will be required. It must have the following details:

  • Your name and passport number as the person being invited
  • Your purpose of entry
  • Dates of travel
  • Address of where the will be staying
  • Inviter must sign by his/her name
  • Chinese national ID or resident ID with copy of the passport information page

C. Drivers License

Clear copy of your valid driver’s license or a copy of your utility bill showing your full address.  We mainly work with travelers who reside in the state of Florida. If you license is not from Florida please let us know and we will guide you to the right consulate for processing. Thank you.

D. Valid Passport

Your valid passport
(must be valid for more than 6 months and must be signed)

E. 1 Passport sized photo

Click here to see passport photo regulations

F. Clear copy of your most recent China visa.  

G. A clear copy of any previous passports you may have had from another country as well as any visas for China you may have obtained under that visa. Please note that the consulate may ask to see this passport and will look to see where you have entered and may require information about these previous trips. Seeing where you have been is the sole purpose for asking for the other passport in this case.

H. Signed “Where Are You” form (Click here to see the form)

I. Detailed letter explaining the nature of any trip taken to Turkey. This applies if you have a entry or exit stamp from the country of Turkey you must write a letter explaining the nature of the trip in detail. If your passport has a stamp showing entry into Turkey the consulate will see it and if you do not include a letter the process will be held up. If the consulate asks to see your previous or other foreign passport and see an entry into Turkey that was not listed on the application your request for a visa may be denied or they may ask for a letter explaining your trip to Turkey. This is the responsibility of the applicant…PVM is not responsible for looking through your passport to verify whether or not you have an entry stamp into Turkey. 

J. For travelers who have an existing 10 year visa the consulate is now accepting you previous visa. We do not verify if your visa is still valid. 

K. Credit card form for payment (Click here to see the form) PVM requires that you please be sure that you will go through with the process. Once PVM begins the process, our service is non-refundable.

Travelers who are Pakistani, French, Nigerian or Afghan passport holders are required to go in person. This may apply even if you are now a US citizen or hold a different nationality. PVM does not guarantee the issuance of the visa. We guarantee our service which is to review, prepare and submit your documentation.

No Guarantee Of Issuance

We do not guarantee the issuance of the visa. We cannot do so because the decision to issue the visa is made by the consulate. We ask that all travelers going to China review the below information carefully.


The Chinese Consulate operates strictly on an appointment basis. You do not have to go in person for your appointment. We will go for you and that is included in the pricing. However, we can only make an appointment for you once the application has been completed. If there are errors or the application gets rejected a new application must be done and a new appointment made. For this reason it is critical to be precise on your application the first time around. Appointments at this time are currently running about 3 weeks from the date you we finalize the application. 

Travelers who have had previous visas would do well to approach the process as if they have never had a visa before. The process is totally different and things that you were able to do previously you will no longer be able to do. Especially with regards to the invite letter. PVM reserves to right to decide who we chose to work with. We will only do so with travelers who provide the documents we ask. We will refuse any requests from travelers who expect us to deviate from our listed requirements. Thank you.

The Chinese Consulate

The Chinese consulate has begun paying particular attention to your previous travels. As a result, they are paying particular attention to travelers who have made multiple trips to areas of the world that have a high level of unrest or terroristic activities. This especially includes areas in the Middle East. If the consulate sees entry into such an area they may request a letter explaining the nature of that particular trip. They have not given us a list of such countries and it is at their discretion.

If you have a valid 10 year visa issued before March 28,2020 the consulate has begun honoring that visa as long as it remains valid. For more information on this please see the consulate website for further details. China has stated that any preexisting 10 year visa that was issued before March 28, 2020 will be acceptable for entry into China as long as the visa is valid.  We do not verify if a visa is still valid or not. 

Attention To Detail

All applicants require an appointment. We will make the appointment for you but know that the appointment is linked to a completed application. This application must be done correctly and there can be no deviation. In other words the details on your invite letter must match what you put on the application. If not, the application will be rejected and a new application must be made ALONG WITH A NEW APPOINTMENT. For this reason we ask that you do not finalize the application until you have the invitation. This is critical.

STEP 2- Email your initial application to PVM at

Please send us by email the above version of the application. We will complete the online version and send it back to you for a final review. We will then print it out and either email it to you for signature or make arrangements for you to come to our offices in Orlando or Miami to finalize the forms. The visa for China is normally valid for 10 years. There are instances where 10 year visas are not given. Validity of the visa is at the discretion of the consulate. We cannot guarantee the issuance of a 10 year visa as the embassy makes the final decision.

STEP 3- Turn in your documentation to our offices before the date of your appointment.

Once your application is completed and we verify the information we will an appointment to go ahead and make arrangements for you to send us the documents or to come to our offices in Florida to turn in your original documents. Your documents will then have to be sent to DC for processing.  You do not have to go to DC. We have an office in DC that will do the submission for you.

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