China Visa Service Office

China Visa Service Office

Passports Visas & More is a Chinese visa service office offering China visa services located in the downtown Orlando and Coral Gables area.  The process for China visas has changed since Covid 19. China now requires an appointment for your passport to be submitted. You do not have to be there for the appointment but your passport does. The visa process is now much longer due to this and the fact the application is now an online application that can no longer be done by hand.

At the present time we are only working with travelers who are giving the process its due time. If you cannot wait for an appointment or need to travel urgently we cannot assist you. We are a visa service not an information service so if you are calling for ways to avoid getting a visa we will not be able to assist you. Our Chinese visa services can assist with your China visa service needs such as a China Tourist Visa, China Business Visa or China Q1/Q2 Visas.  If you are looking to obtain a Chinese visa our experienced team can help you at our Orlando or Coral Gables office location.  We are strictly by appointment and will only make an appointment once we have a completed version of our application in hand.  

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