Applying for a first time passport during the covid pandemic.

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Obtaining a first time passport in years past used to be a very easy proposition. You had many options to get the passport done quickly. These included going in person, using a third party service or mailing in the documentation through a post office or county clerk. Due to Covid 19 restrictions the options have dwindled dramatically. Several days processing is no longer an option and the State Department is only allowing for a 4-6 week expedite processing for a first time passport. Emergency processing is only available if you can prove a life or death situation and make the necessary appointment.

A first time passport requires the verification of an ID from the applicant or the parents if the applicant is a minor. This process is done by authorized personnel at either a passport agency, a post office or county clerk. In person processing is no longer an option as the State Department is only going by appointments and is strictly assigning those appointments to those travelers who have a life or death emergency. Even these appointments are limited and often travelers aren’t able to make an appointment in time even when they have a legitimate life or death emergency. Third party services are not an option either as third party services are not allowed to walk into the passport agencies at this time. This leaves the post office or county clerk for processing first time passports.

Many people are unfamiliar with the county clerk and believe that a first time passport can be applied for only at a post office. Another common misconception is that the post office actually DOES the passport at their location. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Post offices and county clerks check to make sure your documents are okay but they really only do the ID verification at their location. The actual issuance of the passport can only be done at a passport location. This ID verification is what makes it possible to apply for a first time, lost/stolen, minor’s passport at a post office or county clerk at this time.

So where can you go to get your process started? Simply click on this link: and enter your zip code. The link will locate the nearest clerks or post office where you can make an appointment. It will also advise you if appointments are required or if you can just walk in. It also gives you a link to their specific website which gives you the pricing and hours of operation.

Don’t know what to bring? Just click on this link: and it will show you step by step information on what to bring with you including costs. Third party services are, until further notice, only able to do passport renewals of passports that were valid for 10 years and have not expired for more than 5 years. Please note, children’s passports cannot be renewed. Why? Because their passports are only given to them for 5 years not the 10 years like an adult. As a result each time a minor has to go through the first time process. Use this link for more information on children’s passports:

Currently, our PVM service provides passport renewals processing that takes 4-6 weeks. We only need the passport as we can do the photos and the application in our office. Simply click on this link below to make an appointment for a passport renewal. Or call us at either 407-459-8807 if your in Orlando or 305-330-4430 if your in Miami. Please note that due to Covid restrictions we are are only available by appointment. Needless to say, we cannot wait to return to normal expediting services as in years past. Use one of the links below to make your appointment:

Orlando office:

Miami office:

We can also work on the application remotely with you so that you can then send it to us via fedex. We can do the application over the phone or through Zoom. Call us for more information. Thank you and we hope that you find this article helpful. You can visit our site at

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