The easy way to apply for a China tourist visa to visit family and friends

As the world has expanded and opened up we are finding many family members and dear friends living overseas to work.  Recently one of my dearest friends moved to the Netherlands with his wife and 2 kids.  While we cannot see them as regularly as we would like a whole new opportunity presents itself in the form of travel to a new and exciting country.  For the inviter, it presents many of their family and friends an opportunity to visit them AND see a new country at the same time.  China is one of those countries that is experiencing a wave of people going to China for work.   Visiting a friend in China falls under the China Tourist visa category but has slightly different requirements than those travelers looking for a China Tourist visa for tours or touristic travel.

While visiting China on a tourist visa to see a friend or family member can be an exciting venture it is not as simple as telling the consulate “I’m going to visit my friend who is there and I need a Chinese tourist visa.”  Unfortunately, the Chinese consulates do not work that way and will require documentation from your friend or family member in order to visit them.  The main requirement the consulate looks for is a copy of the inviter’s foreigner’s work permit ID card.  This card proves that the traveler has indeed gained the right to reside in China and can invite you.  Without this card, they cannot do so.  The inviter must be a resident in China and be able to supply documentation to prove it…Period.

Many encounter problems because the inviter may think that a copy of their work visa stamp should be sufficient but it is not.  These visa stamps just prove they were allowed to go to China for work purposes but doesn’t show they actually went through with the process.  This is the biggest holdup and most confusing aspect of applying for a tourist visa to visit a friend or family member.  Many of the inviters do not even know they have a foreigner’s work permit ID card.  Many do not have the card in their possession as it is held by their company or school.  That said, just because they do not have it in their possession doesn’t mean they don’t have one.  They should check with their school or workplace to see if they do.  Bottom line is that the inviter must present this ID in order to invite you.  Otherwise you would have to look into applying for the china tourist visa using different requirements.  Below is copy of what that resident ID card looks like.

Sample resident ID card

Along with the ID card the consulate requires an invite from the inviter.  The invite has to have the invitee’s personal information such as the full name, passport number and date of birth.  It should also have the dates of entry and exit from China.  Lastly the invitation must have the inviter’s address because, after all, the invitee will be staying there and the Chinese consulate will want to know this information.  It can then be printed out and signed by the inviter.  It can then be scanned and sent to the invitee via email as an attachment along with a copy of the inviter’s foreigner’s work permit ID card, copy of their visa in the passport and the passport information page.

If you follow these simple steps you will find the process to be very easy and have a seamless process in obtaining your china tourist visa.  You can then concentrate on spending quality time with your friend or family member in a beautiful country with so many places and things to see.

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