Brazil Stamped Visa or Evisa? Which one is best for you?

New travelers going to Brazil will notice that Brazil has begun to offer an Evisa for entry into their country.  The Brazil Evisa came into effect on January 25th, 2017.  It’s a new visa that Brazilians want you to try as they feel it will increase tourism to their country.  This is a great option for the traveler who lives in Orlando or the upper Florida peninsula and cannot go to Miami to apply for the visa.

So what are the benefits of the Brazilian Evisa as compared to the old standard Brazil Visa?  There are a couple of benefits.  The first benefit is that you do not have to turn your passport into the consulate and be without it for a long period of time.  The Brazil Evisa is now electronic and isn’t a stamp that gets placed into the passport.  The other advantage is that a trip to the consulate is no longer required.  Another benefit, and probably the biggest benefit, is the cost involved.  At $45.00 the Evisa is almost 70% cheaper than the standard visa.

This leads me to the stamped Brazil visa.  What happens to those Brazil stamped visas already issued?  They are still valid and will remain so until the end of the visa.  You can also still get a stamped Brazil visa which will be valid for 10 years but it costs $160.00.  Both the Brazil Evisa and the Brazil stamped visa allow you multiple entries.  The major difference between the Brazil Evisa and the stamped Brazil visa is that the stamped Brazil visa requires you to submit your passport and other requirements for the duration of the processing time.

So which one is best for your needs?  The first thing to consider is the cost.  Do you plan to go to Brazil more than once?  It is a beautiful country.  You have the beaches of Rio, the Falls in Iquazu and the Amazon River among other amazing things the country has to offer.  The problem is that these are not all in the same city.  It will require multiple trips.  In addition, there are large number of cruise ships that plan to go through Brazil now and in the future.  These are all things to consider.  For most, the 2-year Brazil Evisa makes the most sense.  That said, if touring all of Latin America is your goal over a several year span or if you have family in Brazil and make multiple trips over the course of several years, the 10-year visa may be a viable option.

We can help with both the Brazil Evisa and the Brazil stamped visa.  For each visa, just stop by our website.   Let us help you get the visa so you can go about your day.  The Evisa can all be done electronically.  At that point all you have to do is print it out and take it with your original passport to the check-in at the airport and enjoy all the beauty and wonder Brazil has to offer.  As for the 10 year visa, we can still submit that for you as we are a registered visa service at the Brazilian consulate in Miami.  Check us out at or call us at 888-336-0683.

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